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Middle Year Program

Middle Year Program: Grades 6-8

The middle school curriculum offered through the IB Middle Years Program is balanced and broad, meaning that it incorporates a wide range of curricular areas.   At Carl Hankey K-8 Academy students in grades 6th-8th take eight subject areas (two more than the district norm); one period of Language Acquisition (Spanish and Physical and Health Education (PE) every other week, 15 hours of fine arts instruction each year in addition to instrumental music or music appreciation; and design, a problem-based curriculum unique to IB teaching students application of the design cycle and developing solutions for problems encountered in their world. The traditional core subject areas of Language and Literature (English),  Math, Science, and Individuals and Societies (social studies)  round out the middle schoolers' class schedules. In addition, all students begin their day (excluding Wednesdays, Hankey's early release day),  with a 15 minute advisement period known as SOAR (Spirit, Organization and Reflection).

As much as possible, Carl Hankey K-8 Academy's middle school teachers endeavor to make learning conceptual...linking their curriculum to big ideas and universal concepts, forging connections to students' lives and the greater world as a means of deepening understanding. The Global Contexts, six themes that link back to those anchoring the Primary Years Program, are employed in all subject areas to aid students in developing an understanding of their shared global responsibilities.  The six Global Contexts are identities and relationships, personal and cultural identity, orientations in space and time, scientific and technical innovation, fairness and development, and globalization and sustainability.

A key factor of the MYP is the shared responsibility all teachers have in helping our middle school students become independent learners, who confidently taking risks and apply their skills and knowledge, even in new learning situations. This is done through the teaching and application of the MYP Approaches to learning (ATLs), focusing on the development of thinking, research, communication, social and self-management skills.

The final piece of the MYP that makes our IB program unique is its focus and value of service and action. All students are encouraged to apply their learning to the greater world, whether it is by caring for someone at home, in the school community, or beyond Hankey's walls.  Students who perform community service can keep track of their hours and if they meet their service requirements, are acknowledged as 8th graders at the annual 8th Grade Awards evening. See more detailed information about Hankey's Community Service requirements.

For more information about IB's Middle Years Program, please visit the IB website.

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Middle Year Program Community Service Philosophy

Community service is a key component to the IB MYP curriculum.  All students who meet the expectations of 10 experiences will receive a special award at the 8th Grade Awards Ceremony. The service learning program component is available to all Carl Hankey K-8 Academy Middle School students. Experiences are defined as any community service project or volunteering experience that consists of at least two-three hours. Students must log these experiences and complete reflections for each event. Students who have met the Hankey service award goal of ten experiences will receive recognition during the 8th Grade Awards Night Ceremony. Read more about community service...

Curriculum Guide and POLICIES

The Carl Hankey K-8 Academy Middle School Curriculum Guide provides you with details on all of our course offerings including IB requirements and electives.