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Middle Year Community Service

What is (and isn't) Community Service?

Community and service is something you do outside of your school day in order to participate in the community and make a contribution to society. These activities can range from something very basic to something more formal.

Community and Service is:

Meaningful service that requires an understanding of an underlying issue, and is completed outside of the classroom during your own time.

Some Examples:

  • Helping at an event, charity or with an organization
  • Attending/participating in a community event
  • Helping at a shelter
  • Working in classrooms

Community and Service is NOT:

  • Working for your parents/family or doing things at your own house
  • Work you receive payment for
  • Work done during the school day
  • Babysitting your siblings or other immediate family

 Are you searching for ideas?  Check out this very comprehensive list of service opportunities organized by city.


Carl Hankey K-8 ACADEMY: Middle School Community Service Requirement

In order to successfully complete the IB community service requirement, students must have completed 10 experiences by the end of 8th grade.    In order to meet this requirement, we recommend that in 6th Grade students complete 3-4 experiences, in 7th Grade they complete 3-4 experiences and in 8th Grade students complete 2-3 experiences.  However, any combination can be done as long as they equal 10 experiences by the end of 8th grade.  Students who enter Hankey as a 7th or 8th grader should see Mr. Paterno to determine how many experiences they will need to complete in order to meet the requirement.

All community service reflections must be turned into Mr. Paterno no later than Monday, May 15, 2019 in order to receive credit.  8th graders who successfully complete the IB community service requirement will be recognized at 8th grade awards night.

Contact Mr. Paterno at

Community Service Reflection Sheet

Remember that a separate reflection sheet must be completed for each of you experiences.  The sheet is located on the link below or it can be obtained from Mr. Paterno.  Your completed sheet must be returned to Mr. Paterno for evaluation and to receive credit. 


All community service experiences for 8th grade are due to Mr. Paterno by May 15th!

Community Service Student Reflection