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Principal's Message

Welcome to Carl Hankey K-8 Academy, South Orange County’s only public International Baccalaureate World School

If you are wondering about what is different about "being IB," let me first assure you that it is NOT getting more homework every night!

Being IB means that Hankey's staff is committed to providing a quality educational experience aimed at "developing active, compassionate, internationally-minded, life-long learners."

So what does this look like in our classrooms?  At Hankey, "active" students are engaged in hands on experiences aligned to our inquiry-based philosophy. They are afforded opportunities to interact in cooperative group work, encouraged to take action with their learning and continuously make connections between ideas, concepts and prior knowledge.

Compassion is developed through our school-wide PBS program, the Second-Step curriculum delivered to every grade level by our full time counselor, teacher feedback that is relevant and timely,  and the ten attributes of the IB learner profile forming the foundation of our school culture.

At Hankey we are internationally minded.  Our school community understands that the world does not stop outside the school door-rather it extends far beyond us.  Teachers find places in the curriculum to make connections  to real world situations.  Global issues are presented and confronted by the entire school each year.  This year we are considering how responsibility empowers change. Students discuss current events and discover that often times, we speak a universal language, for example, Roman numerals and Korean factoring.

Finally, our two IB programs promote life-long learning. Curiosity, questioning, formulating an argument that is supported with evidence, risk taking, seeing that action taking drives change, and inquiry all nurture this passion.

Our school is a small neighborhood school with a huge heart and tremendous spirit.  We are extremely proud of our accomplishments; IB World School, 2012 California Distinguished School (Elementary), 2015 California Gold Ribbon School (Middle) 2016 California Gold Ribbon School (Elementary) and designation as a CBEE (Campaign for Business and Education Excellence) Honor Roll School (2012, 2014). 

So come see why we love IB.  We promise- you will love it too!

Carl Hankey K-8 Academy: Small School. Big Difference.

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