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"Things Mrs. George Thinks are Cool"

My favorite place!
The World Famous Jungle Cruise
Things Mrs. George Thinks are Cool.
Test your Metal - Triathlon!!
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The Greatest Sports Team Ever ~ Go Colts!!
The Greatest Sports Team Ever ~ Go Colts!!
Middle School Teachers Don't Need Sleep.
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Alpacas - what's not to love?
Alpacas - what's not to love?

Last year ...

During the 2013-2014 school year, Mrs. George completed 851 push-ups for A+ test scores! Wow, that's a lot of push-ups.  Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to beat last year's students. Good luck.

Two Years Ago ...

During the 2012-2013 school year, Mrs. George completed 692 push-ups for A+ test scores! 

Three years ago ...

During the 2011-2012 school year, Mrs. George did 836 push-ups resulting from 100% test/quiz scores.  

Four Years Ago ...

During the 2010-2011 school year Mrs. George completed one push-up for every A+ test score.  In total, she completed  603 push-ups.

S. George

Our greatest glory is not in never failing,

but in rising up every time we fail.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

English School Supply List 17-18

Welcome back to another exciting year of scholarship at Carl Hankey. Below is the list of supplies highly recommended for your English class

Your district proved gmail account 

One expo dry erase marker (dark color) and eraser 

ONE binder - This is not exclusive and may be shared with other subjects.

5 Dividers (labeled as: homework, writing, and handouts )

College ruled binder paper (keep supply at home)

One pencil pouch 

Several pencils with erasers (keep two in your pencil pouch)

2 Red pens

2 Blue or Black pens

Highlighters (yellow, green, and blue)

Colored Pencils

Silent Reading Book

One 2” Note Card Ring (for flashcards)

4 Packs of 3”by 5” Note Cards 


*Note: It is highly advised that the final draft of writing assignments is typed. Please be sure to devise a strategy to type and print your assignments before their due date. If you need access to a computer, see me. 

8th Grade Core Novel List (updated for 2017-2018)

Every 8th grader at Carl Hankey K-8 will read a variety of novels both in and outside of the classroom.  All students will read the following during the 201-2015 school year. 


The Illustrated Man - Ray Bradbury  (in class novel)

Twelve Angry Men - Rose  (in class play)

Night - Wiesel (literature circle book) 




Reading Counts!

Each quarter you will read independently as 10% of your overall grade.  Once you complete a novel, you will take a 20 point quiz through Scholastic Reading Counts. You must pass the quiz with a score of 17 points or higher to receive credit for your novel. 


Reading Counts quizzes are offered after your Thursday vocabulary or grammar quiz (if you think you have time), Wednesdays after school until 12:55 pm, or Tuesdays at the beginning of lunch. 


If your novel does not have an available quiz, you may complete one alternative assessment each quarter for points. Complete the pink paper (supplied in class), and turn it in with your novel to Mrs. George at least two weeks before the end of the quarter. 

Fa ~ A long, long way to run.
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S. George Locker
9/12/09 12:56 PM
9/12/09 1:10 PM
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1/29/10 8:33 AM
Grammar Matters
Ponder the Path of Your Feet
English 8: A Big Rock Class

Writing Tools

TAG                 Title, Author Genre                            

SOAPP            Subject                                                                                                                                 



                          Purpose Point of View                                                                                          

N2SSWTSW   N2 Sentences Start 

                          With The Same Word                                

CHUNKING    TS  Topic Sentence

                          CD  Concrete Detail

                          CM   Commentary

                          CM   Commentary

                          CD   Concrete Detail

                          CM    Commentary

                          CM    Commentary

                           CS   Closing Sentence